Change your view and you may change your mind.


I find fascination with the most obvious mundane things in everyday life. When I'm able to see the forest from the trees I feel a great accomplishment in knowing that common sense plays no part in this dance of Occursion. Sometimes things are not what they appear to be at first glance, so keep looking, because training your eye to see is hard work.


Looking into the night sky and at the stars long enough you'll start to feel insignificant..... The trick is to look up then down and around until you feel like a participant, looking outward is only a partial view. The camera can only see outward, participants have to point it inward.

~Scott Nadow~

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Shades of Grey

Black & White Images by Scott Nadow - Images by Scott Nadow

Mostly Images of the American Southwest. Theses are only a few that are Publicly viewable.


Underwater Images

This folder changes all the time, so stop by as offend as you like to see what's new.


Underwater Curacao Westpunt - Images by Scott Nadow

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Prints for Purchase - Images by Scott Nadow